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logo« APRONIA » is a group of services for children and adolescents open 24 hours a day  every day of the year.

Puerto Maldonado, Pérou


  • The “Welcome Centre” can accommodate about 30 children and adolescents from the age of 4;
  • The admission criteria are very strict and placements require the approval of the Judge for minors;
  • The stay can be limited in time, yearly or as so often permanent;
  • The children remain in the Centre until they are able to live independently;
  • The young children are looked after by educators and other professionals;
  • The requests for placement is very high in the region. Many children cannot be accepted for lack of space and resources;
  • The social services therefore have organised support outside Apronia’s premises to offer help to children in their own environment;
  • All children and adolescents attend the local school and are also entitled to further education;
  • Apronia finances scholarships for adolescents who are too old for integration into the school system;
  • Adolescents can also enter a vocational career through an apprenticeship in one of Apronias Soldarity ventures:

The Lodge of the ESTRANCIA  BELLO HORIZONTE located in the forest,
GUSTITO DEL CURA  pastry and ice cream parlour,
The stationary and book shop  EL BALCON.

  • The whole business sector is partly financed by the profits from the “Solidarity Ventures” and partly  from the funds collected by the Swiss Association.
  • The objective is to build up an economically stable and autonomous business.

In Puerto Maldonado too many children and adolescents live in dire conditions, unattended, abandoned, abused physically as well as psychologically.

Kinder in dem von Pfarrer Xavier Arbex gegründeten Kinderheim "Hogar Principito" (dt.: Der Kleine Prinz) in Puerto Maldonado, Departamento Madre de Dios, Peru; Foto: Florian Kopp

Kinder des Heimes "Hogar Principito" (dt.: Der Kleine Prinz) spielen auf Spielgeräten, die Pfarrer Xavier Arbex nach einem schweizer Vorbild nachbauen ließ, Puerto Maldonado, Departamento Madre de Dios, Peru; Foto: Florian Kopp
Kinder des von Pfarrer Xavier Arbex gegründeten Kinderheimes "Hogar Principito" (dt.: Der Kleine Prinz) werden am Nachmittag bei ihren Hausaufgaben betreut, Puerto Maldonado, Departamento Madre de Dios, Peru; Foto: Florian Kopp