To help and support victimised children living in conditions of extreme poverty and neglect.

The economy of the region of  « Madre de Dios » is totally focussed on the search for gold, wood and new land which attracts a mottled population, mainly men looking for quick earnings.

The mining sector is a real “far West” ruled by the fittest and strongest.  Extreme poverty, disease, violence and alcohol totally disrupts any normal human relationship . The children are obviously the first victims in such an extreme economic and social context. Many are abandoned, lonely, abused  physically and sexually harassed.

logoThe Vocation of Apronia  is to help and support these children and youngsters left to their own devices and without resources.

The number of children in urgent need of protection is ten times the support capabilities of the town. Official support is unsatisfactory and the Government does not care. The kids come from many different areas and departments and we sadly have to turn down  more than 120 each year for lack of available space.

It so happens though that many requests do not require the Welcome Centre but only need follow up and help in their own environement. The Apronia social workers offer support to these youngsters through regular visits and a round the clock availability.

The Government has nothing to offer: lack of political will, insufficiently qualified staff  and inadequate financing all contribute to leaving the youngest to fend for themselves. Apronia is making constant efforts to get the Government to take responsibility for the protection of children and youth through the implementation of existing laws.


Entreprise solidaire : ESTANCIA BELLO HORIZONTE: hôtel touristique localisé dans la forêt vierge

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